Insights from Our Restoration Training Program

We had a great time at the Contra Costa Watershed Symposium today, which featured UT’s Doria Robinson and Solwazi Allah as speakers/panelists. Yesterday, we were so grateful to spend some […]

Basins of Relations Saga Continues

The saga continues for the Watersheds Apprentices in this Basins of Relations program 2023! Earlier in the week, the Regional Water Quality Control Board provided a hands-on demonstration. Last week, […]

Richmond High Monthly Volunteer Recap

Thank you to everyone who came to our monthly volunteer event at the Richmond High School garden! We got some beds prepped for fall/winter crops, completed our greenhouse tables, built […]

Are you curious about what’s happening in Greenway?

Hey there! Are you curious about what’s happening in Greenway? Want to know about upcoming events in your neighbourhood? Look no further than our awesome newsletter! You’ll find great information […]

Roller Disco Volunteer Opportunities

Hey there! We’re looking for volunteers to help us with our upcoming special event this Saturday 9/23, and we’d love for you to participate! We truly appreciate your support and […]

Cultivating change one event at a time!

Join us this September as we dive into a month of impactful volunteer opportunities with Urban Tilth. Let’s come together to nourish our community, grow sustainable gardens, and sow the […]