Services offered:

  1. Native Plant donations for community members.
  2. Contract growing restoration-grade native plantings for land-owning agencies/municipalities.
  3. Native plants for local creek restoration projects.

If you’re interested in these services, please fill out the interest form at this link. 

Urban Tilth’s Native Plant Nursery provides both an educational space for program participants and high-quality plants for revegetation of local riparian habitat. Program participants develop skills and knowledge in plant physiology, native plant propagation, seed collection and processing, disease prevention and pest management, all while supporting the growth of locally-sourced California native plants. Our nursery operation focuses on growing plants that are adapted to California’s climate and have existed in the East Bay since before European settlement. When returned to local ecosystems, these plants return to relationship with other living beings above and below the ground, helping to create more resilient and biodiverse habitats for the benefit of all the watershed’s inhabitants. Our nursery staff also have significant experience growing specific native plants by request, for governmental agencies or local homeowners.

For more information, or to make a request, contact our Nursery Manager, Jonah Landor-Yamagata at 

A recent highlight: Over 300 California native plants installed at Lower Wildcat Creek in North Richmond from 2018-2019 had a 93% survival rate over 3-years after installation! California native plants are well-adapted to our climate and quite resilient.