Community Advisory Members

Community Advisory Committee

Latifah Abdullah

North Richmond Farm Community Engagement Manager and Community Advisory Committee Convener

Latifah Abdullah, originally from Champaign, Illinois, now resides as a homeowner in unincorporated North Richmond. Within Urban Tilth, she plays a vital role in facilitating the North Richmond Farm Community Advisory Committee and serves as the editor of Restoring Tilth – The North Richmond Farm magazine.
Latifah actively engages with the community, participating in events like the fruit tree giveaway and the free farmer’s market with the Black Neighborhood and supporting Verde Elementary’s Black Student Union.
As a North Richmond resident, she actively participates in community initiatives and maintains open communication with community-based organizations, regulatory bodies, and elected officials regarding land use, hazardous materials, and sustainability.
Latifah is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) member. The #NoShade campaign drew her to the North Richmond Farm.

Chinue Fields

Community Advisory Committee Staff Representative

Farming and gardening has been my family’s way of life on both my mother and father’s side. So I shouldn’t be surprised that after many years of college and specialized training in everything but agriculture, I ended up setting roots down at a farm. Urban Tilth has brought me back to me. And the North Richmond community has welcomed me with open arms. I am continuously fascinated with and inspired by the history of this city and its people. There is a sense of solidarity here that is bursting at the seams with love, aid, and optimism. I feel honored to work in North Richmond and to do my part to help ensure that we see the people of this community thriving again.

Kiara Pereira

Community Advisory Committee Staff Representative

Kiara was born in San Francisco, CA and has lived in various cities around the Bay Area. She has resided in North Richmond for over a decade and received a B.A in Theatre, Film, and Digital Production from UC Riverside. Kiara joined Urban Tilth in September 2022 in a newly established position as a Just Transition Organizer. She is passionate about how humans can heal our relationship with the natural world. Outside of work her special interests are learning about proper mental health care, sewing, and writing.

Sarah Hundt

Community Advisory Committee Member

I am a Maryland transplant and have lived joyfully in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 11 years. I love spending time outside in nature, whether it be gardening, hiking, walking with my dog, or just visiting the ocean. I have spent nearly all my professional career working in social justice and love supporting community-based organizations like Urban Tilth! I am excited to join this committee and support all the wonderful things Urban Tilth does for the community and especially young people, who are the future!

Jake Keller

Community Advisory Committee Member

Jake Keller is a multidisciplinary professional and citizen-scientist focused on the intersections of bioremediation, ecology, and microbiology. Jake lives in Richmond’s Marina Bay community with his partner and their dog. Jake has worked exclusively with sustainability-minded start-ups and community-based organizations for the bulk of his adult life. With his rich background in food and agriculture industry, along with niche interests in sustainable mushroom cultivation and soil-building, Jake is motivated and inspired by the resilient, community-led vision of Urban Tilth and looks forward to contributing to Urban Tilth’s vision on behalf of the citizens of Richmond.

Dulce Galicia

Community Advisory Committee Member

I am passionate about working with community members, students, teachers and residents to uplift policies and systems that serve them and their families in the Bay Area. I get energized when I drive co-created community visioning processes with BIPOC communities in order to shift power towards real community impacts.

I am multifaceted! I have led and supported campaigns ranging from education, healthcare, housing and land use. As part of the work that I have done, I have led community asset mapping exercises, data collection synthesis with community members, community participatory planning processes and community visioning efforts.

Although I have steep experience in the policy realm and community organizing, everyone who meets me knows that I have a love for travel both nationally and internationally. I am also a resident of North Richmond and serve on the North Richmond Municipal Advisory Council to advocate for better community planning.

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