The Healing Movement at Richmond High

Introducing Youth to Plants that Heal

Knowing that mental health disorders in teenagers are at an all-time high and that many turn to substance abuse to deal with stress, depression, and anxiety, we want students to find inner peace working at the Richmond High School garden and to find ways to heal themselves using natural remedies.

 The Healing Movement is an after school club where students can explore the benefits of growing and using herbs, as home remedies, at the Richmond High School starting August, 2019 to June, 2020, with eight to 15 students.

We will facilitate two after school meetings per week from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. We will also organize one monthly field trip to local sites – local nurseries such as Annie’s Annuals, Ohlone Herbal Center, local herbalist Maya Blow’s Soul Fire Farm, Lhasa Karnak Herb Store, and Homestead Apothecary. After the field trips, we will discuss with students what they learned and how they’d like to apply it to their herbalist study.

We will prepare materials and encourage discussions on the history of herbs and their uses, as well as discussions about criminalization, witch hunts, and the male domination of health care and reliance on pharmaceuticals. 

We will harvest, source, prepare materials, and make healing salves, tinctures, herbal infused oils, teas, soaps, and beauty products. Some of the products will be sold to the community at the Urban Tilth farm stand. The proceeds will go towards Urban Tilth garden education programs.

Seasonal Workshops for Adults and Youth in the Community

We will provide four seasonal hands-on workshops in the community during the 2019/2020 year (Sept 2019 – June 2020). We will develop workshop curriculum for making herbal body care products and remedies such as Winter teas and moisturizers.

We will reach out to Urban Tilth garden and farm sites to see what herbs are available to harvest,  make teas and recipes with them, and discuss the plants that are available each season and their uses.

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