Basins of Relations Watersheds Program

The Basins of Relations Watersheds Program provides West County residents with skills and
opportunities to care for their watersheds, communities, and the creeks that run through them.
This program engages our community through 4 related efforts:

  1. Watershed Technician Training Program 
  2. Watersheds Crew: Work Experience Program
  3. Watersheds Community Events 
  4. Visioning Wildcat Creek Trail Project

The health of our creeks and our communities are intertwined: we cannot have one without the other. 

Watershed Technician
Training Program

Basins of Relations trains young people from West Contra Costa County to become stewards of their watersheds, communities, and the creeks that run through them. Natural spaces in urban areas are frequently neglected, fenced off, overgrown, and viewed as a public safety hazard rather than a community resource. This trend is especially pronounced in underserved communities of colour. [Read More]

Watersheds Community Engagement Events

Community engagement and volunteer events allow us to spread awareness of our watershed ecosystem – and the interconnectedness of creek and community health – throughout the West Contra Costa County community. Community engagement events revolve around enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors and usually some sort of physical activity. The goal is to get outdoors … [Read More]

Watershed Crew: Work Experience Program

Wildcat Creek Visioning Project