Community-Built Light Straw Clay

May 10, 2024 Under the guidance of Healthy Home Artisans, Urban Tilth Staff and members of the community built Light Straw Clay blocks for use as insulation in the north […]

Construction Just Keeps Rolling Along!

February 16, 2024 Concrete foundations and slabs have all been poured now for the Phase 2 buildings, and the walls are taking shape! Main Greenhouse CMU walls complete; next step […]

Phase 2 Building Continues

Phase 2 Building Continues January 2, 2024 Through the holidays and even in the rain, construction keeps going on the Phase 2 buildings!  Footings for the Toolshed, Watershed Workshop, Compost […]

Phase 2 Building Foundations!

December 4, 2023 The farm buildings are starting to take shape, as the footings are excavated, formed and poured in concrete, the interior plumbing and drainage lines are run, and […]

Heavy Timber Trusses

Meanwhile, on the East Coast, traditional heavy timber trusses are being fabricated by the skilled craftspersons of Earthbound Builders.  The trusses will be shipped via rail for installation in the […]

Phase 2 Building Construction Kicks Off

Construction of the Phase 2 buildings kicked off this month!  These buildings are:  the Greenhouse and Hardening Yard, Native Plant Nursery, Honey Extraction Shed, Tool Shed and Staff Break Room, […]