6th Street Community Garden

Richmond Greenway

The 6th Street Greenway Community Garden is an open, gleaning garden in the heart of the Iron Triangle neighborhood in  Richmond, California. It’s located on the Richmond Greenway between Ohio and Chanslor Ave and runs from 6th street to 4th Street.
We currently collectively grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and herbs year around free for the community to harvest. The Greenway Community Gardens include 1000 sq ft of edible raised bed growing space where we grow vegetables and herbs,  a 22 tree citrus orchard, Berryland, our 2000 sq ft – all berry garden section, a small olive grove, peach tree, avocado tree and fig tree and 12,000 sq ft pollinator and native plant beds. The garden also includes seating and picnic areas, a new restroom, tools shed and compost bin.
With the help from Girls Garage we plan on adding a permanent FREE Farm Stand, where we can give away washed vegetables, harvested at their peak to community members FREE of charge, grape, thornless blackberry, and passionflower arbors to create shade of the benches in Berryland and an outdoor classroom space so we have a space to launch our 1st series of home gardening workshops on the Greenway next Spring!

Our rebuilt Berryland now boasts:

  • 350 Strawberry plants
  • 60 Raspberry plants
  • 30 Blueberry bushes
  • 1 Gumi berry bush

And there’s more to come…
Come and visit the Greenway Community Gardens! There are no fences, and the gardens are open 24 hours a day!

Edible Forest Garden

The Edible Forest located at 16th Street and the Richmond Greenway is a forest on the middle of Richmond that offers a safe community recreational space and educational opportunities as well as the potential to grow thousands of pounds of fruit for Richmond residents. Fruit grown in the Edible Forest will be collected and distributed to the people who live and work in the city of Richmond.

Unity Plaza

Urban Tilth is not only committed to development the Richmond Greenway through Capital Projects and regular ongoing maintenance of our Adopt-a-Spot Project areas. We are also deeply committed to bringing this space to life by hosting a range of activities and special community events throughout the year like the Unity Park Roller Disco, Unity Plaza Farm Stand, Halloween Land, Thanksgiving Gratitude Walk, and Martin Luther King National Day of Service.

Check out our Greenways News page to see what we’ve been up to lately on the Richmond Greenway…