Grow /ɡrō/ 


  1. (of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity.
  2. become larger or greater over a period of time; increase.

At Urban Tilth our work is rooted in the concept of growth. We are specifically committed to growing delicious, nutrient dense foods and other healing and habitat plants sustainably, without toxic chemicals, using time tested agro-ecological practices in order to nourish and heal our community that has suffered so long from lack of access, deprivation and injustice.

Along this road, we have learned that we must first grow soil because we know that our food is only as good as our soil. Minerals must be abundant and available in our soil before they can be present in our food so that they can nourish and rebuild our bones and other key parts of our bodies’ anatomy. When we grow living soil we are caring for the host of living beings that make healthy soil possible.

Urban Tilth is also committed to helping to grow People. Not just through growing healthy foods, but also by creating opportunities for local residents to be hired and trained to lead in this community transformation we are collectively envisioning and seeding everyday with our work.  Healthy, sustainable and just growth anchors our work, and helps us find each other and home if ever we lose our way. 

Healthy, sustainable and just growth anchors our work, and helps us find each other and home if ever we lose our way.  

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NRF 2020
Planting at the North Richmond Farm

Our Community Farm and Gardens

Urban Tilth coordinates 1 urban farm in North Richmond, California, 2 community gardens along the Richmond Greenway and 2 school gardens. These centers of life and growth are intertwined with the community they’re located in. Each project has literal and figurative deep roots full of history. We invite you to immerse in these stories and join us in the garden soon.

The North Richmond Farm
323 Brookside Drive
Richmond, CA 94801
Phone: (510) 232-0911

Learn more about the future North Richmond Farm

The Greenway Gardens
Ohio Ave and Chanslor Ave
Richmond, CA 94801
Phone: (510) 680-8907

Learn more about Urban Tilth’s Greenway Gardens: