Orange Skies and Marigolds

At the verde partnership garden we have been tending to the plants and soil. We started lots of Marigolds from seed and are so amazed at the vibrance that comes […]

Lots of Fruit Growing at RHS and Verde!

It’s getting fruity at Richmond High School and Verde Partnership Garden ! Grapes, figs and tomatoes juicy and sweet. The feijoas started to grow too! Thank you to the bees, […]

Lifelong Nature Lover Finds Passion at Verde Garden

Photos and Article By Denis Perez-Bravo Bienvenida Meza found a taste of home as an instructor at North Richmond’s Verde Elementary School garden after a long journey from her home […]

Tender, Loving Care for our Beds at Verde

Verde Partnership Garden update: Verde has been getting some TLC. Clearing up some weeds in our pollinator areas and our beds. We’ve also been planting in all the available beds, […]

Verde and Watershed Crew Teamed up

                  Verde Partnership Garden update 🌱This week the Verde and Watershed Crew teamed up to clear several spaces of materials and weeds […]

A Productive Day at the Verde Garden!

A productive day at the Verde Elementary Partnership Garden! We harvested crisp and delicious vegetables that were donated to the North Richmond Senior Community Center (and were greeted with big […]