Verde in 2020

Verde Partnership Garden 2020 review

  • 354 students ages 4-15 engaged with the garden before COVID. Topics include soil and community health, metamorphosis, edible alphabet, herbs for tea and seed harvesting.
  • We harvested 662 pounds of fruits, herbs and vegetables
  • With Ms Meza’s guidance we harvested 40 different types of seeds of medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables
  • We set up drip irrigation and opened up 9 beds for veggie growth
  • We removed 18 cubic yards of Bermuda grass, sheet mulched
  • Gave back to the soil by planting lots of fava beans as cover crop and also offered some comfrey teas
  • We planted more medicinal herbs such as Ruda, Tomarillo fruit tree, more pollinator attracting aromatics like Pericopa and medicinal natives like yarrow. A lot of these plants were requests from school familias.
  • 33 caterpillars were observed by students to become butterflies and released in the garden, where all their favorite food is
  • We continue to hold space for the North Richmond community to grow culturally relevant plants


We were blessed to see a garden snake, frogs , many birds and hummingbirds. Even the gofers are cute sometimes


We are thankful to everybody that has tended to this land, starting with the Ohlone Chochenyo people. We hope this garden can continue to be a resource/ healing space and that everybody is healthy and feels embraced by community