Restoring Tilth June 2017

  Agriculture Returns to North Richmond! Stop spending big money on fresh produce! Come out and help grow, pick, and eat fruits and vegetables in your own backyard. Urban Tilth […]

Restoring Tilth – Feb 2016

In this issue: Welcome Congressman Mark DeSaulnier Vacant Lot to Urban Farm: Soil moving begins on-site… Rebuilding Our Soils: Update from our Technical Advisory Team Starting with Collaboration: Meeting with […]

Verde Garden Welcomes Common Vision

Verde Garden is doing absolutely fantastic! Aside from hosting our regular classes throughout the week, we also organized a day-long event in partnership with Common Vision! The event consisted of […]

Martin Luther King National Day of Service 2013

We Made it a Day ON! Martin Luther King National Day of Service 2013 on the Richmond Greenway is definitely a collaborative effort. It depends on people who approach the world with optimism, love, energy, honesty, […]

Chris Treadway: Richmond groups benefit from grants

Chris Treadway: Richmond groups benefit from grants Contra Costa Times Posted: 08/16/2011 12:14:16 PM PDT Updated: 08/16/2011 05:50:15 PM PDT The efforts of several local organizations are being bolstered by […]

Episode 110: Annie’s Annuals and Urban Tilth This week finds Joe, Patti and Nathan in Richmond, CA for a behind the scenes visit with Annie Hayes of world-renowned Annie’s Annuals and Perennials. From humble beginnings in […]

Planting seeds of change

By: Christina Lopez | April 4, 2011 – 9:20 am On a day with a cool breeze and warm weather, gardening enthusiasts from the Coronado, Iron Triangle, and Santa Fe […]

Richmond’s gardens, deeply-rooted, sow new seeds

By Julia Landau Richmond, California, is a city of contradictions. Chevron operates its second largest oil refinery on the city’s western border. The city is emerging as a leader in […]