Urban Agriculture at RHS Update

These past two weeks students have been building skills in tree pruning! Specifically how to properly cut and shape a fruit tree to improve its health and yield. Once they […]

Learning about Flowers at Richmond High

We got intimate with the flowers at Richmond high! We learned about their anatomy & drew them. Students also got to strain their herbal infusions and gave their oils unique […]

Rotating crops at Richmond High School

Rotating crops at Richmond High School Getting ready for the warmer days We got beans, spinach, carrots, favas, broccoli, & more coming soon Students have been learning more about organic […]

RHS Urban Agriculture Update

February has been a fruitful month! We hosted our first volunteer event before the pandemic! Shoutout to everyone who came out and supported! We appreciate y’all for helping us build/paint […]

Richmond Highschool Update

This last week we’ve been finishing up our soil food web conversations & starting up our trees conversation! & Of course, they’ve been harvesting and providing free veggies to their […]

Vegetable pa las spices!!!

The year started off a little wobbly at Richmond High school. Staff and students had to work together to make sure we were all safe. We’re sending love and smooth […]

2021 Was A Growing Year for Us!

2021 was a year of many hardships but also a year of many successes for our organization. Through the perseverance of our hard working staff and community, we were able […]