North Richmond Farm Update

Folks, it’s been a while… the farm crew has been busy busy busy as we come down from summer and get ready for this fall. We have been removing produce […]

Harvesting at the North Richmond Farm

Mondays are for #harvesting at the North Richmond Farm! Interested in coming through to volunteer? Hit up!

Herb Blending Session

Last herb blending session of the month! Tomorrow morning 9 am to 12 pm!! Come through the North Richmond farm to help blend some medicinal plants to support our community’s […]

Queer Ecology Skillshare

Moving Generation Justice & Ecology Project and Urban Tilth Invite you to a Queer Ecology Skillshare at the North Richmond Farm. We are happy to invite you all and dive […]

Gathering resources to make a counter offer…

MAY 8, 2022 —  Greetings #NoShade Campaign Supporters,  So much has happened since our last update. The biggest news is that Urban Tilth may be able to put forward a […]

Fifth Community Health Forum

Last Friday, we held our FIFTH community health forum, co-facilitated by Basilia, a resident doctor from Lifelong Medical Center, teaching us about what is diabetes, how to read the nutrition […]

Community Health

What we need is an opportunity to make a new story one without pollution that builds an economy based on community health we have the resources and the community is […]

Volunteers Needed

The North Richmond Farm crew is looking for 2-5 helpful and excited volunteers to come out to the farm tomorrow and assist/learn about fruit tree maintenance and upkeep! Our orchard […]

Beautiful Bouquets for Sale

Urban Tilth has a limited supply of flower bouquets for you to purchase and brighten up your space! We have bouquets of Calla Lily’s, Ranunculus and a mix of wildflowers. […]