May Events Recap!

2 Hand Tractor Educational Workshop and Workday May 10th, 2024

Our 2-hand tractor educational workshop and workday that we hosted at The North Richmond Farm on Friday, May 10th was a huge success! During this time participants learned about the 2-Hand Tractor known as the BCS. This style of tractor is used for small-scale farming and has different attachments to accomplish different tasks out in the field. We’ve begun to break ground on the West block of our farm and are anticipating to plant in 9 additional crop rows to continue our mission of providing sustainably grown produce for our community.  

Our workshop facilitators, Matthew and Oscar, also covered topics about soil health and ecology and when the best times to use a tractor would be. If you want to preserve soil microbiology it is important to limit the amount of tractor use and utilize other tools to help loosen and aerate the soil by utilizing a broad fork or a digging fork.  

We are excited to continue hosting educational workshops out on the farm. Stay tuned for more! 

Free Potted Flower Giveaway

Why gift a bouquet when you can get a potted flower and plant it to give you flowers all season long? This was our intention with the free potted flower giveaway for Mother’s Day and Caretakers. Over 4 dozen potted flowers were given away to our community members. Flowers and herbs ranging from Marigolds, Lavender, Verbena Florist, Succulents, Calendulas, and other varieties have been distributed to honor mothers and caretakers in our community. We look forward to continuing this tradition for the years to come.