Mother’s Day On The Way

Mother’s Day is coming up and Urban Tilth has partnered with a local Richmond artist Francisco “Pops” Rojas ( @pac_pops ) who will demonstrate how to make your own DIY […]

Garden/Farms Tours

Yesterday we had a special visit from some of the @calwsoc and @jsparrowstew! They got to take tours of the North Richmond Farm and The Greenway Gardens! They got to […]

Welcoming a New Team Member

Urban Tilth welcomes Traver Riggins to our Farm Stands and Added Value Products creation team We are so excited to get to know you and grow with you!

Watershed Quick Recap

this week we have been doing some swale trash pick up along the Greenway on 6th street, we took a visit to the Gill Tract Community Farm in Albany, a […]

1st Sunday at Richmond High School

Thank you so much to everyone who came@out to support we got a brand new 32 long raised bed built, planted tomatoes, fine-tuned our compost area, and cleared some weedy […]

Watershed Treasure Hunt

This week the watershed crew had a little treasure hunt for the kids after school! The kids had to pick up some trash along the creek and then follow their […]

Virtual Fieldtrip

This coming Tuesday, March 29th. We’ll be co-leading a live-narrated (virtual) field trip at The Nature of Cities Festival in collaboration with @the_nature_of_cities It will feature a little adventure: walking the length […]

Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy Community

Support local youth, local farmers, and local food systems by joining our Farm to Table CSA! Our CSA project seeks to counter the food deserts of West Contra Costa County, […]

Watersheds Crew Update

This week we have been working at Albany hill•hand weeding invasive plants (foxtails, Ripgut Brome, Wild oats)•finding/marking native plants •prepping for weed whacking as invasive plants get ready for seeding […]