Gathering resources to make a counter offer…

MAY 8, 2022 — 

Greetings #NoShade Campaign Supporters, 

So much has happened since our last update. The biggest news is that Urban Tilth may be able to put forward a counteroffer for The Nabeta Farm property in order to preserve, honour and grow the Nabeta Family Farm’s history while increasing our ability to connect the families of North Richmond with whole healthy foods. This vision includes possibly partnering with the amazing organizations of the Richmond Our Power Coalition to steward the land and create new green, sustainable cooperative enterprises that would employ and serve this community.

At this point, it is only a possibility that depends on Urban Tilth securing the funds necessary to make the counteroffer and on the developer stepping back from their option to purchase the land.

Right now with our hearts and minds open, we are scrambling to assemble the capital needed to offer a real alternative to development that does not help local residents.

Contribute to the Nabeta Farm Acquisition Fund!

If you are in a position to help by making a contribution to the acquisition fund please donate online here, contact or mail tax-deductible donations to:

Urban Tilth

323 Brookside Drive

Richmond, CA 94801

Memo: Contribution to Save the North Richmond Farm

Other ways to help: 

  1. Sign and share our petition:
  2. Read and share the LA Times article: Questions of justice flare in the Bay Area about our fight to save the Nabeta AND North Richmond Farm.