Queer Ecology Skillshare

Moving Generation Justice & Ecology Project and Urban Tilth Invite you to a Queer Ecology Skillshare at the North Richmond Farm. We are happy to invite you all and dive into this topic about the importance of queer ecology and uplift many voices in the queer community. The North Richmond farm is an open and friendly space for people to come and be themselves and also be in unity with nature. With this skillshare we want folks to better understand how queer ecology is used on a daily basis and also how it helps change the way people think of plants, the air and the water around us. We invite you all to come out on Friday, May 13th from 3:00-4:00 pm at the North Richmond Farm 323 Brookside Drive. Outside, social distancing. Snacks and water will To register click the link in our bio and please reach out if you have any questions at customerservice@urbantilth.org