Fifth Community Health Forum

Last Friday, we held our FIFTH community health forum, co-facilitated by Basilia, a resident doctor from Lifelong Medical Center, teaching us about what is diabetes, how to read the nutrition facts on food labels and a talk about our eating habits and our culture. We put people’s favourite “guilty pleasure” foods on the whiteboard to start and at the end, we went back and figured out what we can do to reduce their negative impacts (like everything in moderation!) or add nutrients (for example, adding a few veggies and corn tortillas to taco Tuesday). Of course, it’ll look different for everybody! But mapping out what we eat is a good way to start for everyone trying to eat more nutritious foods. That’s really the purpose of this collaboration, to envision and build a kind of care that celebrates our differences rather than pushing a single solution that leaves many people left out. On top of facilitating this forum, resident doctors also plugin with our different sites like harvesting at the farm, packing with the farm to table CSA, distributing at farm stands, and teaching at our school sites. So far, all the doctors have been natural at teaching, and the kids really enjoy their presence in the classroom. We’re so grateful for them!