2nd Annual Fruit Tree Giveaway to SUCCESS!

Wow! What a beautiful morning at the Richmond Greenway giving out 100 fruit trees to community members! Another successful fruit tree give away in the books! =D
Thank you so much to all of the folks who came out
in the rain to become fruit tree parents today!
A HUGE thank you to PJ’s nursery for providing such a great deal on these trees! Below are some care tips for your newly-adopted fruit tree!
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Tree Care Tips


  1. Choose a sunny location for your tree!
  2. Place your tree where it has room to grow, most of the trees are dwarf and can grow up to 10′ x 10′ or larger if you let it!
  1. When planting, dig a hole in the ground twice the width of the tree’s root ball and the same depth (Approximately 18 inches deep or so). If you are using a cage you can use the diameter of the cage to measure how wide the hole will be. You don’t have to bury the entire cage but you want to have at least 18 inches or so buried so the entire tree root ball is protected.
  2. Scarify your hole! use the edge of your shovel to cut grooves down the sides of your hole. this allows for water to more easily penetrate the planting basin and keep your tree roots hydrated!
  3. Once you have your hole dug, you can begin removing your tree from the container.
  4. Press the sides of your containers to free the roots from the edges and gently Pull your tree from its’ container.
  5. Once the tree and roots are out of the container lightly massage/tickle the roots loose so they know that they are no longer bound by the container and can expand into their new home.
  6. Place your tree in your hole and backfill the hole with 1/2 compost, and 1/2 native soil from your yard. If planting into a container using a blend of compost and potting mix works just fine!
  7. Soak the soil through with water once the tree is planted, and continue watering twice a week for the first year. Skipping days when there is rain! If your tree is in a container, watering three times a week may be necessary as containers tend to dry out a bit quicker!
  8.  If you want to install a tree stake to support your tree, you can place the stake about a foot from the trunk to avoid damaging the root ball (about 8-12 inches away from the trunk is fine).
  9.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us here at Urban Tilth. greenway@urbantilth.org Enjoy your new family member!
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