RHS Urban Agriculture Class

Students have been harvesting a lot more often. We’re saying goodbye to the last of our winter crops and starting up some late spring-early summer crops In the classroom we […]

1st Sunday at Richmond High School

Thank you so much to everyone who came@out to support we got a brand new 32 long raised bed built, planted tomatoes, fine-tuned our compost area, and cleared some weedy […]

Making Grandmother Salve at Richmond High

Grandmother Salve was given the name because a wonderful group called 1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations reached out to Urban Tilth requested some salve to share with Water Protectors and […]

Rotating crops at Richmond High School

Rotating crops at Richmond High School Getting ready for the warmer days We got beans, spinach, carrots, favas, broccoli, & more coming soon Students have been learning more about organic […]

RHS Urban Agriculture Update

February has been a fruitful month! We hosted our first volunteer event before the pandemic! Shoutout to everyone who came out and supported! We appreciate y’all for helping us build/paint […]

Richmond Highschool Update

This last week we’ve been finishing up our soil food web conversations & starting up our trees conversation! & Of course, they’ve been harvesting and providing free veggies to their […]

Vegetable pa las spices!!!

The year started off a little wobbly at Richmond High school. Staff and students had to work together to make sure we were all safe. We’re sending love and smooth […]

Brief Urban Agriculture Class Update

Richmond High School Urban Agriculture academy update After their break students got back to their regular schedule! Harvesting for farmstand and continuing indoor lessons, like environmental injustices in Richmond. We […]