Urban Tilth Gives Back!

This Holiday season Urban Tilth has continued to serve the community we are in by providing healthy fruits and vegetables to families in need. COVID-19 has had devastating effects on our community, so being able to distribute healthy food has been an honor and a major privilege. 

On Sunday, November 19th, we were able to distribute food to 100 families at the Apostolic Temple of Truth on South 13th Street and Ohio Ave. The following Wednesday we also distributed food to an additional 80 families living at the Barrett Terrace Plaza Apartments two miles from our North Richmond Farm. 

All the food being distributed was organically grown on either the North Richmond Farm or at one of our partner farms. Normally, organic produce may seem like a luxury item or a product that is far too expensive for the people of this community. Options for organic produce in Richmond are few and far between, making our work and mission that much more important.