It’s that time of the year !!

Planting season is here and it’s our favourite! Our plants are ready to go into the ground and flourish Join us next Saturday to plant along San Pablo creek and […]

Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary Visit

This week the WTS crew took a trip to visit Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary! What a beautiful place with amazing birds all around and great staff! Starting October […]

WTS Update

WTS Update these past two weeks the watershed crew has been gaining some knowledge that we can apply at the sites we work at! Albany’s Urban forester/arborist John gave us […]

Bittersweet Last Week

This week was bittersweet as the Watershed crew shared our last summer program experiences with each other. Monday the team paired up and created poster boards to showcase what they […]

Volunteer with the Watershed Crew!

Come join the Watershed Crew on June 25th, 10 am-1 pm we will be cleaning the swale on Fred Jackson Way along with the North Richmond Farm and then we […]

A Very Special Visit

The watershed crew got a special visit from East Bay Regional Park rangers (Wildcat Canyon). Ms. Maria made sure they got some veggie and flower starts! We also have been […]

Park Ranger Collaboration

Watershed Crew has been working with Park ranger Jessie at Pt. Pinole with their Pollinator Gardens Busy mulching and learning about / installing irrigation! Come check out the gardens at […]

Springtime Acknowledgement

Springtime acknowledge the land, wildlife, plants, earth, air, and community around you -Watershed Crew

Watershed Quick Recap

this week we have been doing some swale trash pick up along the Greenway on 6th street, we took a visit to the Gill Tract Community Farm in Albany, a […]