Tania Jacobo

Tania started when she was 18 at Adams Crest Farm in 2016, when the Farm to Table CSA consisted of 50 recipients. Her father was involved with the first construction projects at the North Richmond Farm and it was through him how she heard about Urban Tilth. She helps with everything here, from leading SAP projects to helping put on community events like the annual Martin Luther King Day of Action. Tania’s love and appreciation for nature came from her early childhood years living next to the Oaxacan beach and rainforest. Coming to Richmond, she noticed the relationship to the environment was much different. She has a lot of respect for nature, and gets upset when people litter because she sees it as if you were disrespecting your own mother. She notices that in recent years, there are much more youth taking an interest in defending and protecting the future of the planet and hopes to help in any way she can to set the next generations up for success.