Josue Mejia

Josue works as a Coordinator at CSA, where he packs and delivers 400 bags of goods weekly. He is also an invaluable assistant to the Greenway Community organizer, where he skillfully handles the Newsletter and manages Greenway Social Media and flyers. Josue is passionate about being a contributing member of his community. He is inspired by the sense of community that uplifts and supports each other.

Josue is a creative individual, and he thrives in his job’s freedom of expression and creativity. In his free time, he enjoys playing games with friends, walking his dog, hiking, exploring charming towns, spoiling his girlfriend, camping, shopping, and watching TV. Although Josue was born in San Francisco, he moved to Richmond when he was six. As he spent his entire school life in San Francisco, Urban Tilth has been his introduction to the community in his neighborhood.