Cyrus Gangei

Cyrus Gangei joined Urban Tilth in the Summer of 2023 to expand the Basins of Relation program with the inclusion of a water conservation curriculum. Cyrus works alongside the Watershed crew to offer laundry-to-landscape, drip irrigation, and rainwater catchment systems to low-income homeowners free of charge. Before joining Urban Tilth, Cyrus studied Environmental Design at Arizona State University where he received the Fall 2021 Program award for his work to provide water conservation opportunities to the underprivileged community of Central City South Phoenix. Cyrus grew up in Berkeley with a love for everything nature, food, and sports. He currently coaches and plays for an adult softball league to provide him with that sense of competition and team comradery. Cyrus has been inspired by Urban Tilth’s mission to empower the community through land stewardship. He hopes to educate and inspire others by creating a pathway to economic empowerment by helping families most in need become more resilient to the effects of climate change.