The Beginning Farm and Ranch Manager Apprenticeship!

We are partnering with the Center for Land-Based Learning, by providing on-the-job training hours to 5 Urban Tilth staff members who have entered into this 2 year Farm Manager Training Program. We will be hosting trainings and work experiences for these staff in specific areas of farm management including irrigation, integrative pest management, soil management, tractor skills, sales/marketing, regulatory work, equipment repair, and fabrication!
Adam, our Programs Manager, and Debora, our North Richmond Farm Manager, are taking on the important role of mentoring our mentees: Bruno Lara, Ana Guerrero, Luis Jacobo, Laura Navarro, and Chito Floriano.
Classes are seasonally scheduled so that their heaviest course load is during the winter season and tapers off towards summer. This winter the cohort is learning about Soil Management.
The cohort must complete 3,000 hours, within the span of 2-years, of both on the job training and schoolwork to successfully complete the Farm Manager Training Program.
We are excited to support our staff through this structured training program to grow their skills as Farm Managers. Our hope is that building the skills of all of our staff will lead to a more horizontal leadership and management structure where everyone can take part in informed democratic decision-making.
Additionally, our staff will receive 250 hours of tuition-free coursework, have regular mentor check-ins with Urban Tilth’s mentors and mentors from Center for Land-based Learning staff.
To learn more about the Beginning Farm and Ranch Manager Apprenticeship Program, click here.
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