Looking Ahead to 2021

Watershed crew is super excited for what 2021 has in store!

The crew has been busy making action plans so that we can reach our 2021 goals! With Jonah’s leadership, we have started on our propagation goals and look how beautiful our gray rush looks! A very sturdy native plant that is drought tolerant, used for restoration and provides food for wildlife. We are also very excited to see water at El Cerrito Creek, and Wildcat Creek, with the help of mother nature and the watershed crew.
Many native plants at our Wildcat Creek site have been reproducing and our recent native plant survey results showed that in the past 3+ years, the crew has planted 415 native plants and 391 plants that can still be found on our Wildcat Creek site! That’s a 94.2 % success rate!
P.S. Here are some mushrooms that were found growing at our Wildcat Creek site. Check out the pictures below!