Soil Health Unit!

At Verde partnership garden we have been learning about soil biodiversity & community health. With our soil health unit, each student is growing a fava bean and watching them grow, learning about plant parts. We know fava beans as an amazing snack but also very nourishing to our soil. We are also learning about how worms are the intestines of the earth. Through dance, songs, drawings and sensorial activities, we are learning about these creatures and their huge importance to soil health. By learning about them and their unique adaptations and life cycle we also compare and contrast to our own bodies and how we are similar or different from them. In doing this, many youths have lessened or lost their disgust for soil and worms??, We are growing radishes, fava beans, garlic, potatoes, cabbages, purple tree collards, collards and broccoli. Hopefully, we can seed more garlic soon. We want to cook a lot in the upcoming months in our programming. Our 5-8th graders are starting their food traditions research project. This week we did a scavenger hunt where they found plants in the garden and learned about where they come from and the way people have worked with those plants. The future is looking nourishing and with soil in the fingers ?