Putting Black, Brown, and Regenerative Farmers First

The Growing The Table initiative supports BIPOC farmers throughout California and  helps fight food insecurity in areas such as Richmond. In March, Taylor founded the Growing the Table initiative and pledged to raise $15 million in partnership with CDFA and the California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) to invest in programs that support BIPOC farmers throughout California. Their mission aligns with Urban Tilth’s, which is to create a future where regenerative agriculture and equity-based food systems is the new standard of growing food, especially for food-insecure areas in California.
Kat Taylor and The GTT initiative came through for Urban Tilth in the most crucial moment of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic when funding from the USDA for our Farmers to Families FREE Box Program was coming to an end, and it was looking like we would have to put and end to the 190 free deliveries of fruits and veggies to people most affected by the pandemic.
We invite you all to watch the Growing the Table short film ‘Putting Black, Brown, and Regenerative Farmers First’, which highlights the importance and urgency of food systems centered around local farmers and local communities.

To learn more about the Growing the Table initiative. visit their website here.