Petroleum-Free Produce at Catahoula Coffee

In honor of Earthday, we will sell West County produce at West County’s very own, local coffee roastery—Catahoula Coffee. Produce from nearby Wildcat Farm will arrive by bicycle; students from the Richmond High YME Club will be walking carts of heirloom tomato seedlings, peas, and leaf lettuce to the market. Please contact Park Guthrie or Timber Manhart for more information.
All proceeds will benefit 5% Local Coalition activities.
We expect to have:Leeks, onions, green garlic, sorrel, endives, leaf lettuce, flower bouquets, herbs, purple collards, Swiss chard, worm castings, and fresh-brewed compost tea.
 We will also be selling fresh lemonade…bring your own lemons or glean some from your neighbor and donate them to the cause!