VPG Update

This week we hosted a Free Breakfast celebrating Black History Month and the legacy of the Black Panther Party in different cities, even Richmond! Students enjoyed warm wheat pancakes, fresh […]

Richmond High Urban Agriculture Update

The rain has definitely given life to the weeds in our gardens. We went over a weed suppression technique, sheet mulching!! Sheet mulching is basically using cardboard or cloth to […]

Why join the CSA Urban Tilth program?

You’ll support small BIPOC family farmers to get their veggies to your door. It’s difficult for small farmers to get their veggies out and much big produce distribution organization takes […]

Hello from the Greenway!

Tomorrow for all that is the love we plan to get as close as possible to finishing pruning the Edible forest. You are welcome to volunteer and join us 10am […]

Verde Partnership Garden UPDATE

Recently, a lot more kids have been taking advantage of the garden to hang out during breaks and help us out with some garden tasks, which we’re really grateful for […]

Watershed Update

WTS update: Sun is shining and flowers are blooming, hummingbirds nesting, mushrooms and mud sculptures. Grateful for every day. Can all be seen at Albany Hill:) next time you hike […]

Happy Monday from the Just Transition team!

We are excited about the work we will be doing this year! Unfortunately, even though it is a new year it doesn’t mean that the concerns and battles we had […]