Our Watershed Restoration family is growing!

We’re so thrilled to welcome 6 new apprentices into our ‘Basins of Relations’ Training Program! Over the next 3 months, they will improve their understanding of how natural spaces function in an effort to build mutually beneficial relationships between our community and the natural environment. At its core, this program insists that environmental health IS community health (and vice versa).
These young adults from Richmond will also put this knowledge to use! They’ll join our amazing Watershed Restoration Field Crew to restore riparian (creek-side) habitat alongside Wildcat, San Pablo, and Cerrito Creeks; making sure these natural spaces get the love they deserve, while also building their skills in native plant propagation, soil bioengineering, stormwater management, and much more!
We watch in horror as powerful institutions and individuals all over the globe seek to disconnect communities from land and degrade the natural resources that sustain us. This program gives us hope that a new generation of leaders can guide us: towards a new era in which clean air, soil, and water are not only respected but seen as the bedrock on which all financial or cultural wealth is built.