North Richmond Farm Volunteer Day!

Mixed in some tea blending and packing to our 4th Saturday Volunteer Day at the North Richmond FarmWe started the day with transplanting lots of green onion and prepping their bed for success, as well as a ton of weeding around the other veggie beds. Thank you to our new volunteers and our returning volunteers, who come back practically every month now always ready to throw down! Meanwhile on the other side of the farm, Diana was hard at work leading her team in setting up the herbs for tea and steam packing. These teas and steams are intended to strengthen and heal the body’s respiratory system, and will go in one of 500 wildfire response kits. Wildfires are sadly here to stay, and we must prepare ourselves!Much appreciation to everyone who came out. It was so beautiful to share space and get to know each other a bit while mixing medicine for our beloved community ❤️