Narci Organic Farms

P A R T N E R   F A R M E R   S P O T L I G H T

Hello everyone,

My name is Maria Reyes, creator of Narci Organic Farms. The idea of creating a business in the agriculture industry all started with a big dream. A few years ago, I started a program at ALBA @albafarmers (Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association) in Salinas, CA. It was a big step forward. Here I was able to learn a lot of organic, how to harvest and maintain crops. The first 3 years were challenging due that resources were extremely limited but with my family’s support I was able to get through it. Today with all support from my customers Narci Organics has been doing much better. Recently my daughter, Yesenia, decided to join the family business and is going to be helping me around. Fun fact: Narci Organic Farms is named in honor of my mother who passed away when I was a child.

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