Leadership and Environmental Action Forum (LEAF): Day 2

Day 2 of the Leadership and Environmental Action Forum (LEAF) featured skills workshops hosted by a variety of schools and environmental organizations. In hands on workshops, students learned how to make worm bins, produce recycled paper, create mosaics from reuse materials, design environmentally themed comic books, and communicate about climate change.
Day 2 ended with meetings in school groups to reflect on LEAF and begin planning for next year.
* “Reuse Mosaics” – presented by Roberta Miller, StopWaste.Org
* “Communicating Climate Change, Creating Change in Your Community” – presented by Mark Spencer, StopWaste.Org
* “A Funny Thing About Comics” – presented by Lana Husser and EarthTeam’s Green Screen
* “Worms: The Secret Kings of the Garden” presented by Jessie Aberto, Efosa Oglebro, Sherman Dean, Qentin Dean and Vincent Dean, Urban Tilth
* “Paper Making” – presented by American High School’s Recycling Club
LEAF was made possible by funding from StopWaste.Org, coordination from EarthTeam, and the enthusiastic participation of teacher and student leaders from participating schools.
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