2 Farms in 2 Days: WE DID IT!


On February 27th and 28th, 2010 at Richmond and Kennedy High Schools, the Richmond community painted a beautiful image of what a mutually concerned, co-operative, and cohesive community is really capable of.
Students, teachers, community members, local organizations, and even a few elected officials took time from their weekends and love from their hearts to help raise TWO beautiful farms at Richmond and Kennedy High Schools!
Thanks to an all day effort, rain and shine, on Day 1, Kennedy High School is now equipped with 13 rows of crop producing power! Each individual crop row is 2 ft in width, 100 ft in length and 4 inches deep. Each row brings the promise of bountiful yields for many seasons to come! Look to the spring for the popping up of seasonal snow peas, swiss chard, and spinach! Three native plant beds were also planted on site. Two ornamental native plant gardens were raised in front of the crop rows near the scoreboard, and between crop rows 10 an 11 a native flower garden was raised so as to attract beneficial insects, and bring pollinators.
On Day 2, Richmond High School was equally blessed with the construction of 6 wooden planter beds, the planting of six fruit trees, and the raising of a native plant garden. Builders from the community used nails, power drills, metal mesh, and a bit of elbow grease to help construct six wooden beds. Each wooden bed spans 32 feet in length, 4 feet across, and nearly 2 feet deep! After a lot of wheelbarrowing and soil moving these beds are prepped to produce delicious vegetables such as carrots, kale, chives, and iceberg lettuce as spring approaches. Richmond High School is also now the proud owner of six fruit trees, and a beautiful native plant garden that will serve to attract beneficial insects, and pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies!
The farms raised at these two schools will serve to grow fresh, healthy, organic produce for over 80 local Richmond families. The 2 Farms in 2 Days project is a true testament to the capabilities and potential of a motivated, and mutually concerned community. Without the help from volunteers, donors, Richmond/Kennedy High Schools, and the community, none of this would have been possible, thank you all so very much!
Below this message, we have listed the names of those individuals, and local businesses who donated funds and materials from their own pockets to help make the 2 Farms in 2 Days project a reality. It is donations from individuals like these that enable the financing and facilitation of agricultural projects such as 2 Farms in 2 Days event. We thank these people for the care and support they have given, and reiterate that this event would not have been possible without the help of these generous individuals!

To The West Contra Costa Unified School District…

Thank you so much to all the staff, teachers, administration, school board, and students for volunteering your time and effort toward this project. We would like to especially Principle Brown-Garcia who stayed with us all Saturday day rain and shine and Vice Principle of Richmond High who worked without stopping from the start to well past the end of the day setting the most positive example possible for their students and staff!
Thank you to Park Guthrie and Jesse Kurtz-Nichol whose vision and endless hours of behind the scenes work for the past 2 years made this a reality. You are the individuals who put in the essential hours of planning and labor to help make the 2 Farms in 2 Days event a success!



Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, Councilman Jim Rogers, Councilman Jeff Ritterman, Jesse Kurtz-Nichol, Park Guthrie, Corinna Lefkowitz, Bob Gade and the ever so fabulous student MCs of Kennedy High School

Business and Foundation Donors

Catahoula Coffee
The Tree Company
Placzek Family Foundation
Richmond Children’s Foundation
San Francisco Professional Food Society
Seed Foundation
Stewardship Council

Individual Donors

Marilyn Langlois, Laura Guthrie, Charlene Son, Lance McDaniel, David Wittrock, Carol Kurtz, Chris Jennions, Todd Jersey.Laura Guthrie, Rodger Pichardo.Craig Deslaurier. Angela Lutz.Charlie Quaid.Derek Reimer.Sylvia falcon.Nancy Klein.Josie McGann. Sandy Vaughn, Jean K Hyams, Michael Guthrie, John McCulloch, Richard Waugh, Lucy Palma, Michael Williams, Beverly Durham, Park Guthrie, Phaedra Schroeder, JC Kneale, Kennedy, Jesse Kurtz-Nicholl, Rich Walkling, Richard P Guthrie and Cynthia B. Guthrie, John Lee, John McCulloch, Michael Guthrie, Jean K Hyams, Sandy Josie McGann, Nancy Klein, Sylvia Falcon, Michael Meagher, Marisa Varalli, Jeremy Flanigan, Carol E Kurtz Ttee and Jack Nicholl Ttee Kurtz, Thomas P. Gage, Angela Lutz, Charlie Quaid, Derek Reimer, Trudy Foote, Tara Mora, Liz Bittner, Jil Geller.Patricia Heidersbach, Marjut Rauhala, Ramon Richardson, Molly Ong, River Schmidt, Cate Burkhart, Michael Beer, Alison Mckee, David Wittrock, Rodger Pichardo, Linda Peach, Jonathan Savarino, Benjamin Stamets, Steven Schultz, Peter Summerville, Linda Hunter, Susan Goltsman, Anne Mollo, Toody Maher.

Thank you so much to everyone who took time and energy to help with this amazing project. WE DID IT!

EPILOGUE: The Work Continues!

Although the vast majority of the work needed for the development of these agricultural farms has been performed, there is still the matter of on going farm maintenance, irrigation system upkeep, crop rotation, and of course harvesting and replanting!
It is our hope that the 2 Farms in 2 Days event does not represent a one time, solitary effort toward the development of permanent healthy food production systems in Richmond. Instead, we hope that this event sets a precedence for more developments and projects of its’ kind.
During this time we ask for sponsors and donations of any amount to help us finance the materials and supplies needed to maintain these beautiful farms. Once again, any donation amount helps, and every cent counts!
These farms will grow food that directly changes the food landscape of the families in the schools of Richmond. And best of all, the farms will be built by the students, teachers, parents and community members surrounding the schools. These “farms” will accompany Urban Agriculture Institutes at both schools where students will learn not only how to manage the farms, but earn graduation credit, learn better nutrition and build and beautify the school community. Please continue to help us raise the funds necessary for the material and labor costs to sustain these “farms”. Richmond and Kennedy High are the first High Schools in California to run a food production program that is student centered, service oriented, and entirely focused on producing healthy food that feeds the community from which it came. Support that premise and begin to bring change to our public schools.
Feel free to visit our website www.urbantilth.org , or visit our Facebook page to learn how you can support our cause.
We have many ways in which to support this endeavor. Please choose a product-level that you are comfortable with and will help us continue this vital endeavor. Thank you.
Urban Tilth will continue to work and sponsor more events, programs and projects that enable and empower the Richmond community to grow fresher, healthier, and more sustainable food right in our own backyard! Thank you very much for your time, and remember…

Doria Robinson
Urban Tilth Executive Director
401 1st Street
Richmond CA 94801