Girls Garage Chicken Coop Project

We have the good fortune to be working with Girls Garage, a nonprofit design and building program that works with girls ages 9 to 17. Girls Garage is implementing a project with us to build a chicken coop for our flock. They take classes in building and design and pick projects in the community and implement their skills. We are grateful to have been chosen.
This fall, the 9th-12th grade girls will began designing and building a chicken coop at the North Richmond Farm, applying skills in carpentry, drafting, geometry, welding, and more. They will research chicken behavior and the environmental needs of chickens, then bring their creative ideas to life through a group design process. Construction of the chicken coop began in the workshop at Girls Garage with the first site work date October 26, 2019. The girls anticipate completing installation by Spring 2020. This comprehensive design/build project will challenge girls to work as a team and build a beautiful coop that will live in the community. We’re looking forward to a well-designed and well-built coop that will last us for several years.

We appreciate collaborating with Girls Garage because their vision brings community-based development to our Farm. We are actively creating a resource for the community through involvement in building projects by community members, volunteers, group projects, and general barn-raising. Girls Garage brings their time and skills to projects that can use their new found expertise. And they do it all with a lot of fun and empowerment along the way. They are great for our crew to work with and share knowledge.
On October the 26th, Girls Garage had their first work day at the North Richmond Farm. They poured concrete pillars and left the site ready for the deck in record time!

 Check out images from the project:

More about Girls Garage advanced programs

The program is no-cost for girls and families, and accepts girls each season on an application basis. This advanced cohort brings together 9th-12th grade girls from diverse backgrounds to tackle complex, community-based projects designed and built by girls themselves. By applying math, science, carpentry, drafting, welding, and other media, projects from the Advanced Design/Build program challenge girls to put their skills to work on architectural or product-based projects. Girls from this program have built a greenhouse, furniture for a women’s shelter, and a public parklet for a local restaurant. This program also puts girls in a position of leadership and activism, voicing their ideas in public arenas and with real clients. Girls Garage staff works hard to support this advanced cohort with supplementary discussions and lessons related to career pathways, college applications, how to apply for a job or put together a resume, and more. They hold a safe space for intimate conversations about identity, confidence, and navigating the world as young women.

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