Food as Medicine Workshop Series

LAST MONTH, we held out first Food as Medicine Community Health Forum led by a resident doctor Darshan from Lifelong William Jenkins Health Center. The topics of discussion included chronic inflammation and how it relates to insulin resistance, food-conversion-to-glucose levels with healthy and unhealthy diets, and the relationship between our body’s organs to chronic diseases like fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and even mental illnesses like depression! Darshan also taught our staff about the importance of maintaining homeostasis within our bodies through well-balanced, well-timed anti-inflammatory diets, and the types of nutrients that aid our body’s healing. We thank all the doctors at Lifelong that we’ve had the pleasure of talking to and for helping expand our community’s health education through these forums and collaborations at our Verde and Richmond High school sites. Be on the lookout for more #FoodAsMedicine updates in the near future!