Finishing our Soil Unit

VPG! Where the blue jays sing and the bees buzz. We are welcoming spring! Finishing up our soil unit with k-3 and starting it with 6-8th grade. With George Washington Carver in spirit and mine, we did an experiment, (many thanks to our soil scientist fairy friend Cole ) where we added hydrogen peroxide to store-bought soil vs Verde soil and observed the differences in bubbling which signals organic matter aka life. ? The garden soil consistently bubbled up more than store-bought – into a frothy latte-looking consistency. It was exciting to watch! ? We also planted potatoes, seeded tomatoes, cempasúchiles, cilantro. ? We are grateful for Solwazi, the watershed steward who was our guest teacher for a seventh grade this week! Solwazi led a native plant planting and shared about his path as a caretaker of rivers and waters. We planted columbines, bee plants and mugwort between the cherry and pear trees! We hope everyone enjoys the early spring vibes ?