Ms. Meza Teaches Us About Three Sisters Garden Technique

Verde Partnership Garden Update
Although the garden is closed currently to the public, we have been sowing seeds, transplanting and clearing spaces for growing food. We will continue to maintain the pollinator gardens and contribute produce to the Urban Tilth Farm to Table CSA. We are hoping it is safe to open up the garden to the community soon.
Ms. Meza has been guiding us and teaching the ways of growing a three sisters garden! With this technique Corn bean and squash grow in reciprocity with each other. The corn grows tall towards the sun, squash keeps the soil moist and protects from weeds. The beans trellis up the corn, providing much needed nitrogen back to the soil.
Another protector plant we use in companion planting are cempaxóchilt or Mexican marigolds, which are a powerful repellant of harmful pests like nematodes!