Watersheds Apprentice Team Update: Important History Lesson

This week the Watershed summer apprentices are learning the important history of the land we work on and the Ohlone people who’ve lived on this land long before us. Local health and wellness advocate @wholistic_shine joined us at the creek for a lesson about water consciousness and layed down a prayer for the water. The apprentices also learned the effectiveness of sheet mulching, and how it’s used for weed suppression and erosion mitigation along creek banks. The team finished up building two tables for our watersheds greenhouse and even got to show off their creativity with some painting. Lastly, the youth are gaining an understanding of what a watershed is and how it functions. Their trip to Bon Tempe Lake in the Mt Tamalpais watershed was a perfect example to help the youth visualize how the water in that area is moving and collecting. Bonus pic of our Watershed Crew members wearing thornless blackberry’s made by Byron, reusing plants that we weed at the creeks