Edu Team SAP Week 2!

Edu Team SAP update!

The youth have been moving to both of our school sites & are now on week 2 of getting to know the land!

This week we are talking about industrial vs sustainable farming, redlining / urban heat islands & climate change/community resilience.

We then started doing some garden training.

Youth learned how to properly harvest greens, fruits, & legumes.

They also learned how to wash produce & weigh them so they could be ready to head off to our local farm stands! By teaching these youth how to properly take from a plant and then send it off to the community we are teaching them that our connection to food is very valuable and should be normalized!

They also learned how to replace old crops with new crops. We learned how to remove weeds, how to amend our beds for the next cycle of plants and how to properly transplant.

After they did those training they helped with filling up beds with soil and cleaning out the greenhouse to make space for new seedlings to come thru!

Very proud of this group and really excited to see how their perspective on land changes