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Roots Run Deep | What is Just Transition?

Welcome to the Roots Run Deep Podcast! We are your hosts Rafa & Kiara that work at Urban Tilth as Just Transition Organizers. In this episode we are Talking about what Just Transition means. How Eco means home and how our community in North Richmond Ca is facing injustices caused by the Extractive Economy we live in. North Richmond has a heavy industrial zone that’s impacting the nearby residential area. We hope that this episode reflects the ongoing conversations our community has regarding the environmental impacts that these unwanted neighbors keep causing. Please feel free to leave a comment on anything you believe we might have missed or if you have any questions.

Time Stamps 

0:14  Ep.1 Topic

0:43  Host Intro

5:23  What Is Urban Tilth?

6:05  Programs For at Urban Tilth

10:37  What is Just Transition?

11:43  Eco means Home

18:10  Example of Extractive Economy in North Richmond 

27:36  Closing| How Do You Want to See Just Transition in your Community?

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