Greetings from the CSA Program!

This week in the CSA we had Pac Choi, Broccolini, Butternut Squash, Yellow or White Onions, Beets, Romaine Lettuce, Sumo Orange, and Kumquats! Every week we provide different types of […]

This Week’s Bounty from the CSA Program

Greetings from the CSA program! This week in the box we had Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower, Yellow Onions, Turnips, Broccoli, Butter Lettuce, Opal Apples, Cocktail Grapefruit and a choice of 2 […]

CSA 2023!

Don’t you want to know where your produce comes from? How has it grown? Or even how fresh it is? Well isn’t this the post for you The CSA program […]

Why join the CSA Urban Tilth program?

You’ll support small BIPOC family farmers to get their veggies to your door. It’s difficult for small farmers to get their veggies out and much big produce distribution organization takes […]

Meet Our CSA Team!

Have you been enjoying fresh produce from our CSA program this year? The CSA team makes it happen! Meet some of our team members (l to r): Ebonay, Johnny, Kenny, […]

What does our CSA do?

CSA provides fresh produce from our farm and local farms around the Bay Area. The CSA crew has been loving packing all the different summer fruits and veggies and finding […]

Farm Stand Bouquets and Berries!

Last week our Added Value and Farm Stands team were joined by 3 amazing SAP youth who immediately jumped into making flower bouquets and harvested berries for our CSA Added […]