Richmond and North Richmond

“According to the 2017 American Community Survey, 513 individuals live within approximately 1,000 feet of the site, 95 percent of whom are people of color. Of those nearby residents, a significant number (36 percent) are children” – Envision Contra Costa 2040

North Richmond’s CURRENT Pollution Burden
“According to CalEnviroScreen 3.0, CalEPA’s screening tool that ranks each census tract in the state for pollution and vulnerability, the Project’s census tract ranks worse than 94 percent of the rest of the state for pollution burden and worse than 77 percent of the state for population vulnerability. This census tract is in the 84th percentile for diesel pollution and in the top ten percent for exposure to hazardous waste, cleanup sites, solid wastes, impaired water, and groundwater threats.” – Envision Contra Costa 2040

Asthma Rates
“Residents of this census tract are in the 100th percentile for asthma rates. In 2017, this zip code had more than double the state’s average age-adjusted hospital emergency department visit rate for asthma attacks.” – Envision Contra Costa 2040