Week 3 of SAP!

During week 3 of SAP, the Ujima cohort learned about community through storytelling and food accessibility. The youth helped set up a food bank at Crescent Park and learned the importance of food access in communities with food apartheids. They also explored the meaning of agroecology and had an insightful conversation on how humans can work instead of against nature. We were very fortunate to have two soil scientists come and test the soil and teach us more about different types of soil and soil health. On our field trip to @foodfaithandjustice, the apprentices learned about various gardening techniques and gardening in urban environments. We’re so grateful to have heard stories from Pastor Mike and engaged with the community. The youth had a delicious meal prepared with vegetables straight from the garden! ☺️

The apprentices also went to help clean the Fannie Lou Hamer garden which is a part of @berkeleystudentfarms at UC Berkeley. We had the opportunity to listen to how this garden started and helped with its rebirth after it was destroyed last year. To end the week we talked about our earliest memories in the kitchen and how food and stories bring us together. The youth made a wonderful home-cooked meal of fried chicken, collard greens, and biscuits w/ honey butter that really warmed the soul!