Aryana Farsai

Aryana’s position as the CSA Procurement Manager supports the whole CSA team. She will be working to grow the program’s membership. She will also promote the organic produce and vegetables grown on Urban Tilth’s program farm sites by making selective purchases from partner farmers who grow quality organic produce and vegetables, and who align with Urban Tilth’s mission as a nonprofit.

Aryana feels that her unique cultural heritage as a 5th generation native Californian, along with her own experiences, has given her a compassionate understanding of how disparate access to resources historically has been based on economic or cultural privilege, and she highly appreciates how Urban Tilth is working to broaden that access.

Aryana’s core value is that everyone deserves access to basic needs for living healthy lives: such as low/no cost healthy food, clean water, and safe living spaces. She believes that all people regardless of ethnicity, or their economic status deserve these things as a human right. Aryana is grateful to be ‘doing the work’, and actively supporting Urban Tilth’s mission to provide access to healthy organic foods for people throughout Western Contra Costa County and specifically Richmond’s culturally diverse communities.