1st Seeds Germinating and Homemade Pesto and Pico de Gallo!

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1st Seeds Germinating and Homemade Pesto and Pico De Gallo!

Needless to say, the past two months of distance learning have been very challenging for educators and students alike! The Urban Agriculture Course has been no exception, hosting a course that is typically hands on and outside via Virtual sessions and Zoom has been very strange indeed. Despite these challenges, the one thing that has remained extraordinary and inspiring is the desire and drive of these young adults to gain knowledge, skills, and persevere through these challenging times. I draw motivation from the many messages and videos my students send me highlighting how they tried a cooking recipe we went over in class and shared it with their family, or that the seeds we gave them to plant at home have germinated and they are having fun watching them grow.
In the classroom we are teaching students about the earth’s seasonal variation, the impact of climate change on our planet, and how human foodways have evolved over time. We hope to continue inspiring these young people to stay engaged in their education, food system,  heath, and in their community! Stay tuned for more updates from the Richmond High School Urban Agriculture Academy
Our students have been diligently watering their Home Grow projects, using the 3-gallon containers we provided. Over the weekend one student sent me this photo of her first seed germinating!
Students have also been cooking at home with the recipes we give them during class. Also in this video is one of our students whipping up two of the garden-fresh recipes we have covered during remote learning classes! Basil Pesto Pasta and a Pico De Gallo Recipe with homemade baked chips!
Watch the student made cooking class video!
With all of the challenges, we face during COVID-19 and distance learning, it’s amazing to see the continued resiliency and hunger for knowledge that our young people have! Don’t sleep on these young adults, and let’s keep giving them opportunities to GROW!!