Seed Saving Project

I’ve learned that seed work is slow work. It’s intimate and patient work.

I’ve been learning and unlearning. I am learning how to be in a better relationship with seeds to feed the future and unlearning that seeds belong to just 1 person.

Seeds want to be shared and sowed. They belong to the earth.

It’s a reciprocal relationship.

We take care of them and they’ll take care of us.

We just got our screens to clean seeds we tried them ñout with some Tagetes Lemonnii seeds and were OBSESSED! Can’t wait to try these out with the rest of the seeds we have at our sites!

Verde Elementary Garden, North Richmond Farm, Richmond High School Garden & The Greenway Gardens, all have their own lead seed savers so that means I’ve been visiting sites and in collaboration with them and their goals! We can not wait to build stronger relationships with the seeds we’ve planted for years.

This past weekend I attended Bioneers with some of our staff! I met a lot of awesome people, among those people these two stood out @vidacriollo & the team at @culturalconservancy! They shared their projects and the importance of saving seeds for indigenous communities.

I’m hoping to visit their sites/workshops and build stronger relationships so that we can tap back in and grow native crops.

Rich City has been waiting and is READY for these native seeds!!

So proud of our team for keeping the fire lit and being passionate and excited about seeds just as much as I am!

Stay tuned for future posts and updates OH and if you feel that fire within you and feel called to learn and reconnect to seeds, tap in! Register for tonight’s Seed Collaboration talk, flyer is on the last slide and here’s the link