Permitting, definitely a process!

Orienteering in the permitting world

We started discussing the North Richmond Farm Project by convening all the departments that would eventually be responsible for permitting different parts of the project. Everyone was tremendously enthusiastic about the project but we found that there was no guarantee that it would be a slam dunk to get this project permitted.

First off, the project has a number of unusual elements not the lease of which is that it is a functioning farm in the middle of an industrially zoned area in the urban core of the San Francisco Bay. But we also have included fun things like rain gardens, grey water, a public use composting toilet, buildings made of natural building materials and traditional building techniques and a prefabricated greenhouse to name a few.

After almost a year of back and forth between various permitting agencies and our design team we are FINALLY making a bit of headway. With positive determinations on interpretations of conditions of approval that just may lead to approved permits sometime soon…!

Check back for updates!

We really believe we will be starting construction by Spring 2022 🙂